Social Responsibility Social Responsibility

Libella Bedwear has adopted Mother and Child Project, which is a social enterprise run by Singapore Anglican Community Services and funded by Comcare Enterprise Fund. This project provides home-based work for disadvantaged women, mostly single mothers and their children, to become economically self-sufficient. A large percentage of money earned from each product goes back to these women.

We contribute towards Mother and Child Project by contracting to them sewing jobs for some of our pyjamas styles. We hope to help these women under their charge in a small way or another. We even tried our utmost to involve them when we participate in Expat fairs so that they could showcase and sell their beautiful and unique hand-made products. Do visit their website to find out more about this social enterprise.

Libella Bedwear fully advocates charitable work and donations to help the less fortunate. We will select at random, senior citizensí Homes and childrenís Homes, for our donation drives. We would assign Mother and Child Projects the sewing jobs and in turn the completed pyjamas would be donated to the designated Homes.