Types of Cotton

A plain weave fabric usually with white yarns in the filling direction and yarn-dyed yarns in the warp direction. Iridescent Chambray is made with one colour in the warp and a second colour in the filling.

Egyptian Cotton
Longer cotton fibers are finer and make stronger yarns. Long staple or extra long staple are considered to be of highest quality and are used to produce softer, smoother, stronger, and more lustrous fabrics.

Egyptian cotton staples are one and one-eight to one and one-half inches long.

Oxford Chambray
Is an oxford cloth which is a light to medium weight fabric with a 2x1 half-basket weave made with yarn dyed warp yarns and white or sometimes yarn-dyed, filling yarns.

Yarn Dyed Cotton
Describing cotton fabric in which the yarns have been individually dyed before being woven or knitted usually to produce stripes, plaids or checks.



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